Delivery & time frames



Please see below different delivery types of delivery


  1. Specials / Pre-order (Most common order) Catalogue / Black Friday / Flash Sales etc...


  1. Available Stock, Promotions Catalogue & Clearance items

These orders are much quicker should you be lucky enough get your hands on any available stock we have on hand. But please do not wait as this could take longer than just ordering from a Pre-order/Special

about shipping

Of course, we are aware that other companies offer free, same- or next-day shipping. That is why we've set up this little section; to explain how we operate and why we're different.

Free delivery is great. Fast delivery is great. But, since we're operating a unique business that is built on cost reductions, neither of the two are available without making a few big sacrifices.

And we don't want to do that, for the sake of our business. And for the sake of continuing to offer you our signature great deals at great prices.

Some might call us "slow," but we prefer the term "cheaper."


Why does shipping take so long?

The short version:

We don’t hold large amounts of stock. Our partners/factory deliver exactly what we need, after a deal has run. That way we keep our costs down, prices low and everybody (including you) happy.

The long version:

We're not like other online shops with a large fixed catalogues and tons of stock. Instead, most of our products are made to order in a factory in locations to keep costs as low as possible, or sourced from international partners. This is how we can bring you quality, sort after fashion brand items that are unique and make them more affordable, keeping costs as low as we can. Not everyone can afford high fashion goods where we try our best to make it possible (win #1).

So, after you (and lots of others) have placed your orders, we go to our factory & suppliers and place a massive, single order (this also keeps bulk costs and shipping costs down). Our suppliers love this, as it keeps things simple and moving along smoothly on the back-end. Happy suppliers/factory equal low prices (win #2).

Since we don’t hold large quantity of stock, we can work with a cheaper, medium-sized warehouse, instead of a mega-warehouse (win #3) and we’re saving lots on not needing any processes involved in handling and returning unsold stock, staff costs and overall general running costs, allowing us to offer better deals (win #4).

Our low prices & quality sort after fashion items is what makes us stand out and give us sparkling personalities of course.


Even more detail? :
  1. If you order was made from either Specials catalogue (general specials), or Pre-order catalogue or Black Friday Specials, the below is how it works;


Pre-orders, Black Friday Specials & General Specials etc can take 25-90 working days. This is subject to material and customs delays. This does not mean it is the exact time frame we delivery within and only serves as a guideline, as a rough estimate. Some orders can be quicker (within estimated times) while others may take longer (up to 90 working days, which rarely happens). We do always try to make this the soonest date possible and often do but cannot guarantee or over promise anything.




Shipments for Pre-order come in bulk shipments, you will not be

able to track them until they have arrived. All Pre-order items are especially made to order from our factory overseas, so do take bit longer


** Please note the above is only a guide line as certain elements cannot

be controlled, and the whole process can be delayed


Once your pants arrive in our stock room from the factory you will get

an email with tracking details and link to track your delivery from

our stock room to your door. You will not be able to track Pre-order

while it is in bulk shipment status on route to us from the factory

You will only get tracking once your item has cleared customs in one of the above shipments


  1. B) We do apologies for any inconvenience on these delays


**NB- Please note, NO refunds will be processed for deliveries until it reaches 90 working days if it is due to a delivery time frame (all cost are taken into account & factored into process from date of purchase, therefore with challenges mentioned above it s not feasible to process any refund prior to this date)

No Refunds on Specials, Clearance items. Only Full priced items will be looked at after 90 working days subject to our refund policy.

All refunds need to go through an approval of factory, shipping & us. Up to our & their discretion due to fact items fund are not kept an go into he manufacturing, shipping & other costs almost immediate form clearing

1. Available stock , Promotion Catalogue & Clearance items

5-7 working days by local express courier to your door

Stocks are very limited so do sell out quickly, should you not find your item in stock, you can Pre-order them. Most customers choose to Pre-order and reserve items than & may take risk of waiting and then it gets sold out before they have chance to order them, kind of a lucky packet first come first serve draw! These items also tend to have higher prices on them than Specials & Pre-orders



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